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Born in 1944 and raised in the Los Angeles area, Harry was employed as a social worker on Skid Row in Los Angeles, and in the South Bay area of Southern California. During this period he was introduced to Astrology. Living in Hermosa Beach in the early 1970's, he left social services and began studying astrology and various metaphysical and psychological disciplines, while also becoming more aware of his own inner and outer life and unique personal journey. In the mid 70's he chose to pursue a youthful desire to be a disc jockey/radio announcer, a career path he followed for over 20 years.

After attending Don Martin School of Communications, he began working in radio in Southern California in the fall of 1977. In 1979 he moved to the Central Coast of California and the city of San luis Obispo to continue his radio career. In addition, he also chose to return to the helping profession. He trained as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician, and was then employed at Atascadero State Hospital working with severely disturbed adults. He also worked in a Group Home setting with abused and troubled youth.

All the while astrology remained an invaluable part of his life in the understanding of self and others and observing the human condition. In 1999 he left radio, and began focusing on Astrology as a career for the remainder of his life.

Presently Harry resides in the small coastal town of Cambria, the place he has called home since the fall of 1986, living in a wooded area with his two canine companions a short walk to the ocean. He does astrology readings locally and nationally, as well as teaching classes, and expresses his affection for the area by being a community activist and environmentalist. He has written an Astrological Biography of Jimi Hendrix, and has been published in The Mountain Astrologer Magazine.

harry farmer astrologer"My main purpose as an Astrologer is to assist you in your life's journey. Whether bringing insight and encouragement in difficult times, or affirmation and inspiration when opportunity presents itself, my desire is to help you live your life to its fullest, true potential."




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