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astrology chart harry farmer astrologerAn astrological birth chart is the blueprint of one's journey through this lifetime. The pattern of the planets in the heavens at the moment of birth can assist the one and only you in understanding yourself with greater depth and insight, indicating how best to use your unique abilities. The chart guides you toward fulfilling your innate potential, and helps in turning apparent obstacles and challenges into ultimately positive, life affirming, enriching experiences.

An astrological reading can expand your self knowledge by revealing a deeper meaning to past experiences, more clearly defining present circumstances, and awakening the possibilities for a more creative and fulfilling future. In other words, you can now embrace your life by seeing and accepting the past as your teacher, the present as your creation, and the future as your inspiration.

Each of us is on our own distinct and personal path unlike anyone else. Having a deeper awareness of your gifts and talents, your strengths and shortcomings -- who you really are!! -- adds richness and depth to your sense of self, expanding your perspective as to the true quality and meaning of your life.

Astrology serves as a guide to increased awareness of the world both outside and within oneself. It helps bring insight into those events and circumstances that may have caused pain, confusion or disappointment. As a result, a person can begin to further encourage the process of healing and personal transformation, leading to a sense of greater acceptance of self and others, as well as a deeper appreciation of all life's experiences.

At the deepest level, we all desire love, trust and true intimacy in our lives. While the relationship and understanding you have with yourself is most important in how you comfortably interact with others, a better understanding of that other person -- mate or friend, parent or child, employer, employee or co-worker -- can allow for more openness, honesty and acceptance.

Astrology helps to more clearly define the dynamics involved in an intimate partnership, helping to enhance and enrich the quality of the relationship you have with the loved one in your life. It is a great tool to use in conjunction with therapeutic counseling, or in any interpersonal, problem solving situation.

Realistic and purposeful goals and ideals give life a fuller sense of purpose and meaning. Whether you need increased self confidence, or clarity of purpose and direction, astrology can help reveal latent talents and abilities, further encourage a path already chosen, or point you in a direction you may have not even considered.

Each year around your birthday the Sun comes back to the same location it was at the time of your birth. The chart for this moment(the Solar Return), as well as transits and progressions, give an indication of the trends and potential for the year ahead. Knowing when to take the initiative and move forward, or consolidate your energies and be patient and reflective, allows you to make the most productive use of your time and resources.


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