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planet logos Harry Farmer AstrologerNOTE ON FEE SCHEDULE
Providing you with a quality reading at your time of need is my first and foremost priority. Yet, in these times of economic challenge, immediate or full payment for your reading may be a bit difficult, as may be the recommended fee. Just make me aware of your circumstances beforehand, and I will endeavor to be adaptable to your situation.

A full natal astrology reading can be done in person or by phone, and usually lasts about two hours. This includes an in depth psychological and spiritual overview of the person you are. A reading of this type is most useful when an individual is at a crossroads and is seeking some sense of direction, affirmation, and a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves. The fee is $175.

Usually once a year an individual desires an overview of what appears to be on the horizon. This reading is most useful around the time of your birthday. The purpose of an update is to help you set purposeful goals for yourself, and more clearly embrace the challenges and opportunities in the months ahead. The fee is $150.

jupiter and saturn harry farmerSPECIFIC ISSUES
Sometimes one particular situation - the job, residence move, relationship or health issue, etc. - presents an immediate or upcoming challenge in your life and requires greater understanding. A reading assessing past, present and upcoming circumstances can give insight as to what to expect on the horizon, plus, if necessary, determine how clearly the individual is seeing the situation. A reading of this type usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour, and can be done in person or by phone. The usual fee is $20 plus $2 per minute.

Often individuals seek a deeper understanding of their partnership with another person, be it mate, parent, child, or business associate. Obviously two people come together bringing their own positive qualities and unique issues into the mix. In a compatibility reading, first each person is identified as seen in their individual birth chart, then areas of positive interaction and potential conflict are determined. A reading of this type often deepens and enriches the quality of a relationship by creating more openness, honesty and awareness between individuals. Especially when romantic interests are involved, an astrologer can use an assortment of tools to give greater insight into the dynamics that exist in the relationship. This reading usually takes 2-3 hours. The fee is $275.

For folks who live in the San Luis Obispo area, I do spontaneous readings by donation at Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay most Thursdays. Just come in with your birth information (including EXACT time of birth if possible) and we'll discuss the person you are, and perhaps present and upcoming possibilities. Calling me (805)801-1305 or the Bookstore (805)772-2880 beforehand to set up an appointment may save you from having to wait to be seen. The suggested donation is one dollar per minute.


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