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October 2015 Monthly Astrology Forecast

Prior to delving into the monthly forecast, please allow me to describe a personal Mercury retrograde experience that occurred this past month.
Wednesday evening the 16th my trusty computer of many years was working just fine. I turned it on the following day just 30 minutes after Mercury changed direction and went Rx, only to find it was no longer operable. Apparently some chip inside had gone bad. Yes, Mercury retrograde can be used productively in our lives, but sometimes circumstances outside our control take place that can make life a bit more challenging.

Before examining the highlights of the month ahead, let's make a quick observation of the last quarter Moon in Cancer on the 4th. With both the Libra Sun and Pluto creating tension with the lunar need for security, the following days could find us being more emotional than usual, needing to be protective, even retreating into ourselves rather than sharing our needs and feelings with others. Be alert to this possibility.

Most notable this month is both the Sun and Mercury being in partnership oriented Libra. In fact, Mercury will be in this sociable, intellectual, harmony seeking Air sign the entire month. After turning retrograde in mid September, the Messenger of thought and communication will begin moving forward again on the 9th, further encouraging meaningful dialogue in all our relationships. In fact, with Mercury turning direct at the Cardinal point of zero degrees Libra, the opportunity for direct, honest and open communication should be used to the advantage of all concerned.

Yet at the same time the Libra New moon on the 12th could present some relationship challenges. Not only is independent Uranus strongly influencing the Sun/Moon in this lunar cycle, but Venus, the ruler of Libra, makes an uncomfortable contact with all three heavenly bodies. The possibility of unexpected circumstances, from a greater need for freedom, to even the ending of a relationship, could occur. Also, with Venus having interacted with Saturn just two days earlier, feelings of frustration or limitation in expressing or receiving affection could be part of this New Moon experience as well. Discouraging circumstances could actually affect one's health and well being. Truthfully examining and realistically acknowledging the issues involved could help create a sense of mutual self respect no matter what the outcome.

Another important highlight this month is the emphasis on the sign Virgo. With Venus entering the sign of the Maiden on the 8th, she joins Mars and Jupiter in the area of the zodiac that emphasizes work, being concerned with the details of daily life, diet, health and self care, and being of service to others. Productively focusing on any or all of these factors throughout October could bring positive and meaningful change into your life. This is especially true as transformative Pluto helpfully interacts with all three planets at some point. In fact, Jupiter's contact with Pluto from the 7th through the 16 creates the opportunity to to improve and expand circumstances regarding work or career, or to make needed reforms. The fact that Mars also becomes involved from the 13th through the 19th helps to energize and add more confidence into the mix. Just be sure your motivations are coming more from a place of service, or at least enlightened self interest, and not just for yourself.

Of course the Sun moves into the passionate but at times controlling Water sign Scorpio on the 23rd, followed by the Taurus Full Moon on the 27th. The planetary interactions highlighted in this lunation may have us looking at our values, as well as our need for financial security. It could be we need to examine our belief system, especially if there's a conflict between our need for personal freedom in work or relationships versus what makes us think or feel we're more materially comfortable.

It should be noted that between the 23rd and the 27th Venus and Jupiter, the two planets known as the "benefics" that influence our expression of harmony and affection, positivity and optimism, will be strongly connecting. This could create a sense of warmth, generosity and goodwill that we wish to share with others, while enjoying life and all it has to offer. The less likely result of this combination could have us being self indulgent, maybe even lacking in good judgement and self restraint. Whatever way we experience this Venus/Jupiter embrace may affect how we interpret and express the Full Moon patterns of the 27th.

October is a month of communication, adjustments, caring for and about yourself and others, and sharing and being of service. Let your thoughtfulness and impulse for harmony and goodwill be your guide.




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