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We are living in times of tremendous evolutionary change in the consciousness of humanity. The need to acknowledge the existence of a global community, embrace diversity, and strive for a world of peace, harmony, equality, and social conscience, has never been greater. At the same time, individually each of us are experiencing challenge and opportunity in our own lives as well. During those times when further understanding of your own personal journey seems necessary, harry farmer astrologer cambriaan astrology reading can provide real insight into the unique and special person that you are, aiding you in how to live your life with greater awareness of both self and others. If astrology is an option you wish to pursue, I would truly appreciate sharing time with you, shining the light of astrological knowledge, wisdom and insight upon your birth chart, providing an honest, open, and healthy assessment of you and your life’s path - past, present and future. Ideally our time together would help to unfold and reveal the depth and richness of the journey your soul has chosen for this lifetime, guiding you toward a place of greater awareness, understanding, and acceptance; strength, purpose, and potential; love, healing and wholeness.

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